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7th Tradition (Online)

Intergroup Services

Ottawa Area Intergroup is an AA service office established pursuant to the Ninth Tradition of Alcoholics Anonymous to operate on behalf of participating groups in the Ottawa area. It performs functions best handled by a centralized office. The functions aid the groups in their common purpose of carrying the AA message to the alcoholic who still suffers.

For more information, on Central or Intergroup Offices in general, please see the AA Guideline on Central or Intergroup Offices.

Intergroup Functions

  • maintain a cental office with a postal address, and a telephone listing in the Ottawa-Hull telephone directory
  • maintain a telephone answering service
  • publish a meeting list
  • publish a newsletter
  • stock and sell medallions and A.A. conference approved literature
  • sponsor a spring conference
  • sponsor a fall conference known as the Eastern Ontario Conference of Alcoholics Anonymous
  • sponsor a Sunday morning open meeting (McNabb)
  • maintain a website
  • assist and advise in the formation of new groups or meetings

Organizational Structure

Intergroup Officers are elected by group representatives, and have the responsibility to report their activities on a monthly basis. Individual groups in Ottawa may or may not choose to participate by sending a representative to monthly Intergroup meetings. In 1992, Intergroup was incorporated as a non profit organization in the Province of Ontario. Intergroup activities are governed by a set of bylaws which may be viewed here.

Monthly Meeting

Intergroup holds its monthly meeting on the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 PM, in Mac Hall at the Bronson Centre. Visitors are welcome to attend. Minutes of these meetings are available here.

How to be of Service

There are a number of ways in which you can get involved in Intergroup related service:

Become an Intergroup Representative:

Become a member of a group; attend the group business meetings; and be elected as an Intergroup Representative.

Or support one or more of our Services: